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blenheim apricot jam

This is the jam that started it all. We made it for the first time in July 2002 using fruit from our backyard tree. For many years this was a summer hobby because friends and family loved it so much. On a lark, we sent a jar to Food & Wine magazine and were surprised when they wrote in the February 2007 issue "Jam is simply the best jam we've ever tasted."

After receiving thousands of emails from people around the world wanting to buy it, we decided to start a jam business with absolutely no prior business or food manufacturing experience (yes we were crazy, but that is another story).

This exquisite organic jam has a ripe, intense apricot flavor with a silky smooth consistency since we never use pectin to firm up our jam or marmalade. There is no other apricot jam like it in the world. We make this every July from fresh fruit picked up directly from Van Dyke Ranch - our only supplier for organic Blenheim apricots and one of the last surviving Blenheim orchards left in the Bay Area.

The Blenheim apricot is on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste - a list of endangered crops or food practices threatened by urban sprawl and lack of interest by large food distributors and markets.

9 oz jar $10. Buy some now:

Case (12 jars) $110 (1 free jar). Buy some now:

blenheim apricot bing cherry jam

This is the second type of jam we first made back in the days before this business was started. We would make the annual apricot jam from our backyard Blenheim apricot tree, and then a tiny bit of aprioct jam mixed with bing cherries. We personally perferred the apricot cherry, but it was difficult to make pitting the cherries. Now, after nearly 8 years, we have figured out how to make this jam much easier and you get to benefit! The flavor is exquisite - first you taste the apricot and then the bing cherry washes over your tongue and lingers. This is fantastic with cheese, as a topping on ice cream and cheese cake. You can stuff crepes with it, mix it into your yogurt or simply eat with with a spoon. The possibilites are endless...

9 oz jar is $10. Buy some now:

Case (12 jars) $110 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

apricot almond jam

One of our favorite summer desserts to make is an apricot galette with frangipane. Almonds and apricots pair so well together, it is a wonder it took us so long to make a jam out of these two incredible ingredients. Our famous apricot jam is cooked with a small amount of our own almond paste made from organic, California raw almonds. The final product is a truely exquisite jam unlike anything you have ever tasted. First you taste the almonds, then the apricot takes over and at the end you have a wonderful finish of the two flavors combined. This is Eric's mother's favorite jam.

9 oz jar is $10. Buy some now:

Case (12 jars) $110 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

spiced peach with bourbon jam

We have been trying to make a peach jam for a very long time, but nothing ever seems worthy to sell. Peaches when cooked can be cloyingly sweet. Finally we have a peach jam unlike any other and boy is it delicious.

We use California yellow peaches and cook them in some lemon juice and zest, some cane sugar, a splash of bourbon and a hint of holiday spices. This is a wonderfully complex flavor bomb when you put it in your mouth: peaches, spices, and deep down under it all the bourbon which is added in a tiny amount and enhances the flavors. This is turning out to be a very popular jam so you have to give it a try. The alcohol from the bourbon is cooked out so this is a booze free jam.

We will not have official labels for this until end of April, so for now it comes with a tag with a string tied around the neck of the jar. Once we have labels we will take a photo of the jar and replace the generic peach photo above.

9 oz jar $10. Buy some now:

Case (12 jars) $110 (1 free jar). Buy some now:


Pears Poached in Red Wine Orange Spiced Syrup

We have been making pears poached in red wine for years for ourselves. It is our default fall dessert. A few years back we tried mashing up the pears in the syrup as a jam but the consistency wasn't right.

What makes this classic French dessert so special is the contrast in textures and flavors. You have the peeled, quartered pears (normally they are whole but we have to fit them in the jar...) with that wonderful granular texture of the pear in the silky smooth orange infused red wine syrup.

For this maiden batch we used organic D'Anjou pears grown here in California. The ones we used are called "juice" since they have blemishes and are not sold for retail. Yes, they are ugly but why discriminate if they are delicious? Then organic California navel oranges we both juiced and zested, California Cabernet Sauvignon wine and a touch of holiday spices. Normally we poach 6 pears at most at home. For this batch we did 90 lbs. and boy was peeling, quartering and coring them a chore. And then all the orange zesting. My hands are killing me!

Now I am crazy about pears, but the best part of this is the syrup. It has the essence of orange, pears, red wine and spices.

How to eat it? Well the best way is to serve it chilled straight from the fridge spooned over any type of vanilla based ice cream. You can also serve it with some fresh whipped cream with a touch of brandy in it. It makes a decadent topping for waffles, French toast and pancakes. Stir it in your morning yoghurt for a rare treat few people in the world can experience!

We canned these in two size jars and the ratio of pears to syrup is about 50/50. The good dose of syrup is because you will want so much of it!

We only made 23 big jars and 32 smaller jars. And I am not sure if we will do this again. It was two days of work for a very small amount of product.

These cannot be added to the discount mixed cases.

16 oz jar is $15. Buy some now:

32 oz jar is $30. Buy some now:

sold out until November 2017

discount mixed case (12 jars)

Feeling indecisive? Maybe generous as a gift for a friend? Or maybe you just like variety?

Well our mixed sampler case (12 jars) is the cheapest and most delicious way to go. You also save a lot in shipping when you order and with the 12% discount this is the best way to buy.

Mixed full case (12 jars) $105.

Limit of two tart cherry grapefruit, two feijoa and two quince and one kumquat if in stock.

Limequat cannot be added to this case.

Simply click below to purchase, and then email us after what 12 jars you selected.

discount mixed half case (6 jars)

Simply click below to purchase, and then email us after what six jars you selected.

Mixed half case (6 jars) $53

Limit of one tart cherry grapfruit, one feijoa, one kumquat and one quince if in stock.

Limequat cannot be added to this half case.

Super Tart Cherry/Grapefruit

We take tart Montmorency cherries and team them up with a touch of pink grapefruit to create an incredibly delicious jam unlike any you have ever tasted. This jam was included in Food & Wine's Top Ten Objects of our Obsession in 2012. We are the only company that makes this flavor combination, and a special recipe that we came up with concentrates the fruit flavors unlike any other jam. The texture is also very thick and the reduced cherries have the most spectactular consistency. Unfortunately it takes a ton of cherries to make this and a lot of prep work with the fruit. We used to charge $15 a jar for this and probably still should should but we are too nice so it is less now. This is also a very low sugar jam. If you prefer less sweet foods, and love tart then this jam is for you!

9 oz jar $12. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $132 (1 free jar). Buy some now:

montmorency cherry apricot

If you love cherries, and especially tart cherries, this is a jam for you. We use Montmorency cherries which are the traditional tart cherry we all grew up eating in cherry pie and ice cream. They are very tart so they are always mixed with sugar. However, we get ours in their raw state (frozen and pitted since we don't have the resources to pit cherries) and mix in just a touch of our apricot jam as a sweetner. This is a low sugar jam. We make this in small batches and there is a surprising amount of cherries in each jar.

The flavor is an intense cherry with a wonderful lingering aftertaste of apricots. Feedback from people who have tasted this is simply ecstatic.

9 oz jar $10. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $110 (1 free jar). Buy some now:

blackberry walnut jam

This is a jam we have made since the very beginning and is the second jam we created after the apricot long before we started this business. It started when we discovered abundant wild blackberry bushes growing up in Tilden park in north Berkeley in 2002 close to a friend's house. Just like our apricot jam, the genesis of this came about spontaneously in the kitchen by adding some walnuts and spice without a second thought. Adding nuts to jam didn't seem that strange since we are big peanut butter and jam eaters, and the combination of nuts with fruit seemed second nature. Over the years we have transitioned from adding chunks of nuts to grinding them so the texture is smoother. In fact, only a tiny amount is added so you get just a faint walnut taste.

Like our raspberry, mango, passion fruit jam, the blackberry seeds have not been removed because research has shown seeds to be packed with healthful compounds - just like quinoa - also a seed, or sesame seeds - are very good for you!

It is essentially a blackberry pie minus the crust. This means aside from using it as jam on toast and such, you can use it as a pie filling. And like most of our customers, you can just eat it with a spoon. It is that outrageously delicious. This is our second most popular flavor jam behind the Blenheim apricot.

9 oz jar $8.

case (12 jars) $88 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

raspberry, mango, passion fruit jam


We have put to good use our many years of creating one-of-a-kind flavors and this is one of our best. Succulent raspberries are mixed with semi-ripe mangos and just the perfect amount of passion fruit that ups the tartness and accentuates the tropical tidal wave of flavors that will wash over your happy tongue. Low in sugar so you can eat the whole jar guilt free! Note - this has seeds, but they add a nice nutty toasty element and research has shown seeds to be packed with healthful compounds - just like quinoa - also a seed, or sesame seeds - are very good for you!

9 oz jar is $8. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $88 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

strawberry mango passion fruit jam

We mix luscious strawberries with semi-ripe mango and some passion fruit to up the tartness since strawberries get very sweet when you cook them. This is a low sugar jam and the waves of flavor from these three fruits are amazing to taste. This jam has a higher percentage of strawberries than the other two fruits so all you strawberry jam purists will be happy!

9 oz jar $8.

case (12 jars) $88 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

tangy mango and lime jam

We simply love mangos and it was only a matter of time before we came up with a mango jam. We combine semi-ripe mangos, fresh lime juice and just a touch of sugar making it perfectly tangy. It is super thick and chunky. While not too many people have had mango jam and this is not as popular as more traditional flavors, this is some of our customers' favorite jam, and you should give it a try!

9 oz jar $8. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $88 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:


This is our second top seller behind the apricot jam. We make this yummy ketchup from organic, California-grown tomatoes. Unlike other brands that use genetically modified tomatoes ours are GMO free and full of flavor. And unlike those big brands that use high fructose corn syrup we use cane sugar which makes a world of a difference in taste. Our ketchup is just a tad less sweet than most ketchup which we find too sweet and we add just a touch more seasoning so it is more flavorful. We call this our San Francisco style ketchup because this city is famous for food and our ketchup lives up the the reputation.

16 oz jar $7. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $77 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

spicy berbere ketchup

This is our San Francisco style ketchup with the addition of berbere which is a complex blend of spices popular in eastern Africa. It has a mild taste of curry powder since it has some fenugreek in it, but also contains less well known spices as korarima, nigella, ajwain, long pepper, along with several other peppers. It has the most amazing flavor at first and then the heat kicks in with a long hot finish. While this will not burn a hole in your mouth, we add enough ground chilies to consider it a hot condiment. Everyone has a jar of tradtional ketchup in their fridge, but they also should have a more exotic one. Give this a try - you will love it.

16 oz jar $7. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $77 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

bbq sauce

We've been making this highly addictive sauce/dip for ourselves and tinkering with the recipe since 1999. Not just for bbqs, this can be used instead of ketchup and as a general sauce/dip for any kind of meat or vegetables. We use it in sandwiches, as a dip for fries and roasted potatoes, on burgers and hot dogs. You can even make meat loaf with it. One dish we love to make is pulled bbq chicken or turkey sandwichs with coleslaw as they do in North Carolina - search online lots of recipes! If you are vegetarian, it is perfect seasoning for a wide variety of dishes. Just be creative! It is delicious all year round.

Not too spicy, but not too mild. It is a perfect combination of spices, heat, sweetness and tang. The complex, addictive flavor is due to our use of more than seven types of chilies and peppers, and many, many spices. Just measuring out all the ingredients takes an hour! Read the rave review by Food & Wine magazine about it.

Our bbq sauce is gluten free and contains organic California grown GMO-free tomatoes. It does contain soy since gluten free soy sauce is one of the ingredients.

16 oz jar $7. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $77 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

spiced molasses bbq sauce

A complement to our popular bbq sauce for sale above, this new sauce is based around molasses, dark cane sugar, a good amount of vinegar for tang and the addition of bourbon, espresso and a variety of spices and peppers that makes it so delicious you can eat it straight out of the jar all by itself.

16 oz jar, $8. Buy some now:

case (12 jars) $88 (1 jar is free). Buy some now:

Mixed Discount Case bbq/ketchup

For all our bbq sauce and ketchup lovers, this is a great way to save money and stock up on our two ketchups and two bbq sauces. You can select any variation of these four sauces as long as there are 12 jars to fit into the case. Simply click the button below and then email us after your purchase with your selection.

Case (12 jars) of your choice. $75:

Mixed Discount Half Case

(6 jars) bbq/ketchup

If you don't need a full case (12 jars) of sauce, this is a great way to save money and stock up on our two ketchups and two bbq sauces with a 6 jar selection of your choosing. You can select any variation of these four sauces as long as there are 6 jars. Simply click the button below and then email us after your purchase with your selection.

Half case (6 jars) of your choice. $38:

fleur de sel caramel sauce

This is a very special caramel sauce that sends people into flights of ecstasy. At farmers' markets when people sample this the most common phrase is "oh my god!" If you are a caramel lover and want something very yummy, you gotta try this. Lucky for us, cows make milk all year round. If only apricots grew year round our jam-making would be much easier!

This is great on top of ice cream, can be used in baking, is a great dip for fresh apples and bananas, and we especially like it spread on toast. We also discovered by accident tortilla chips dipped in it is quite the treat. Yum!

Note: We do not use corn syrup or binders in this sauce so it can separate if it gets too hot (letting it sit in the sun or during shipping in warm weather). A quick remedy is to shake the jar well if the sauce is fairly warm and soft until it is blended. Or if this doesn't work empty the contents of the jar into a small sauce pan, bring it to a boil while stirring and than pour it back into the jar. Put the lid on and allow to cool.

Sold out until October

9 oz jar is $10:

super dark caramel sauce

This is a very special caramel sauce we make with an unusual dark cane sugar. We are the only company in the US that manufactures a product using this sugar. The flavor is deep and rich. Technically we have discontinued making it because the caramel sauces are a distraction from the jam and condiments which are easier and cheaper to make. However we might make this again...someday.

mariposa plum jam

After apricot season, it is plum season and the Mariposa plums are some of our favorite. A delicious plum with a uniquely delicate perfumy, floral flavor that lingers. The Mariposa, thanks to us, has been added to Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste - a list of endangered crops or food practices. We are proud to be the first company to make jam from this variety of plum. Like all our jams, pectin is never added and we make it by hand each August from fresh fruit from Blossom Bluff Orchards in Parlier, California. Eric has two favorite flavors of jam - the mariposa and the limequat. You absolutely must try this on a croissant or brioche! This is Eric's favorite jam.

Limited production item! This will ship in mid to late July.

9 oz jar, $12

sold out

elephant heart plum jam

Elephant Heart plums are very hard to find. Few people grow them since they are a difficult and unpredictable crop. But the intense, tart almost spicy flavor is among the finest of all plums. When cooked into jam or baked in desserts the flavor is amazing. These plums are also on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste - a list of endangered crops or food practices. We are proud to be the first company to make jam from this variety of plum. Some others now do, but none as delicious as ours.

We make this from fresh fruit sourced from Blossom Bluff Orchards in Parlier, CA and only limited amounts are made since we are usually too tired from making the Blenheim apricot and Mariposa plum jams to make any more. Note, the dried elephant heart plums that Blossom Bluff sells are out of this world! Visit their site and order some!

9 oz jar $10. Buy some now:

Case elephant heart plum $120. Buy some now:

Sold out until summer.

red flame nectarine jam

This jam is made from the high acid variety nectarine called Red Flame. It is low in sugar and a new favorite among our customers. Limited supply.

Will ship mid to late July.

9 oz jar, $12. Buy some now:

sold out

fukushu kumquat marmalade


Few people have heard of Fukushu kumquats, but we can't stop raving about them. An old crop from Japan, and grown by just one farm in all of America in southern California, the flavor of these blows away the Nagami and Meiwa kumquats that everyone sells - those orange oval shaped things. Making this is a real pain. Every tiny grape-sized fruit must be cut in half and then each seed picked out with the tip of a knife one at a time. It takes forever. Each year we vow never to make them again, but we always do. Never any pectin is added. The flavor is similar to an orange marmalade, but not as bitter and with a wonderful tangy aftertaste unlike any other citrus.

Marmalade is also a great baking ingredient. You can add a few spoons to the batter of sweet breads like zucchini, cranberry, carrot etc. so in the finished product you get now and then a tiny taste of the candied citrus. It is a an ingredient in pain d'épices - a spice bread, and can be added along with lemon zest in kugelhof - our favorite sweet bread. You can also use it as a layer in cakes and it makes a wonderful glaze if pushed through a strainer and brushed on top of just about anything.

9 oz jar, $12.


limequat marmalade


Limequats are a cross between several different varieties of kumquat and a key lime. They are very tart and are full of seeds. In 2013 we made a small amount, but it turned out to be too much trouble. Seeding 20 lbs of limequats took about 3 hours and yielded just a few jars. We enjoyed the flavor but wanted it to have more of a lime taste. So now we make this marmalde using fukushu kumquats and lisbon limes so we can give this more of a lime flavor than the original limequats. If you love sour/tart citrus flavors, and love lime as much as we do, this is for you. We only will be making about 10 cases of this for the year. This is Eric's favorite product out of everything we make.

9 oz jar, $15.

massaged persimmons

They sure look strange, but they are so incredible to munch on. Called hoshigaki, and an old Japanese culinary tradition brought to northern California by immigrant Japanese farmers in the early part of this century, they are on the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste list of endangered foods. Why endangered? Because the time and skill required to grow and make them has limited their commercial appeal and availability to big food sellers. Each year fewer and fewer of the old timers make these. We are hoping to draw attention to this tradition and keep it alive.

Each farmer has their own secret technique and style for making these, but all are first hand peeled and hung to dry outside and massaged by hand daily for around a month until they are the perfect consistency. Some farmers dry them more than others so they each have a different consistency from farm to farm.

Since 2007 we have purchased about 50 lbs from one organic farmer, who has been making these as a hobby for over 20 years. He doesn't dry them out as much as most farmers do. These are still soft and orange inside, with the chewy, soft consistency of dried dates, and a delicious, delicate persimmon flavor, accentuated by the light dusting of natural fruity flavored white sugar that the massaging brings to the surface.

Available in limited supply in November and December. Packaged in a biodegradable cellophane bag.

1 lb dried, massaged, organic Hachiya persimmons (about 8 pieces) $36.

feijoa jam

We make a small amount of this feijoa (pineapple guava) jam each year from organic fruit from the same farmer who makes our hoshigaki. How tiny? For 2009 we made 14 jars. In 2010 we over extended ourselves and made 200 and that will never happen again. It takes around six hours to make 30 jars which is simply crazy. The fruit is the size of a lime and must be cut in half and the hard inner flesh scooped out with a spoon.

However, the flavor is an intoxicating guava citrusy flavor. We are the only company in the U.S. that makes this type of jam.

9 oz jar is $12.

quince jam

We love membrillo or quince paste and set out to make our own, but changed course and decided to try doing a quince jam instead. Wow. We were unprepared for the flavor of this. Delicate hints of a floral rose and citrus that is intoxicating. For those of you not familiar with quince it has the same texture as pear.

9 oz jar is $12.

quince jelly

A byproduct of making the quince jam is this fantastic jelly. Only a small amount can be made and it has a much more intense quince flavor than the jam. Flavors of rose and lemon predominate and this is a very special jelly that is virtually impossible to buy anywhere.

9 oz jar is $15. Buy some now:

California Dreaming Gift Box

Our partnership with super gourmet food purveyor Dean & Deluca includes a beautiful wooden crate filled with California delicacies. Included is a jar of our Blenheim aprioct jam that one customer says:

"One of our clients sends a Dean and Deluca basket every year and it has a jar of this jam. We all draw straws to see who gets this jam, everyone wants it."

Please note, you will be directed to the Dean & Deluca website for purchase.

$115. Buy it now:

California Dreaming Gift Box

favorite fruit cookies

These fruit cookies are based on a 100 + year-old recipe from Eric's great aunt Henri (short for Henrietta) who lived to bake and these were her signature creation. For as long as anyone can remember she always had a supply on hand and would decorate them according to the holidays, but usually they were just covered with a white icing. In the cookie world these are king or queen.

A trip to her house in Tarrytown, NY always ended up with a bag of these cookes to take home. Completely addictive and unique, aunt Henri would warn "don't eat too many" since they have a high amount of ground up raisins in them. Of course no one ever had any digestive problems from eating too many so we think this was aunt Henri's way of limiting consumption and thus her having to bake more than the insane amount she made each year.

We have continued the tradition by updating the ingredients to be all organic and for a brief period of time were selling them at farmers' markets to massive demand. However, we were stuck baking them in a small oven until we can get our bigger oven installed and running, and stopped making them until that happens. Some day...

holidays cookies

Another baking creation put on hold until we get the bakery portion of our facility up and running.

During the winter holidays in Switzerland there are a number of traditional cookies made. Most are composed of ground nuts and honey as a base. Over the years we have made limited amounts for some customers of four kinds:

Zimmetsterne - mostly ground almonds, honey and good dose of cinnamon. Star shaped with white icing.

Basler leckerli - almonds, candied fruit and lots of honey. A chewy rectangular bar the consistency of panforte.

Basler brunsli - ground almonds, chocolate and spices.

Chräbeli - a lightly baked anise and lemon rind flour-based cookie. It is crunchy like biscotti in texture and great with coffee or tea.

We candy all our own organic citrus, use honey from local bee keepers and locally grown organic nuts, along with organic spices. A Swiss liquor of distilled cherries, kirsch, is also a common ingredient, but there is never any alcohol taste.

Most Americans have never had cookies like these and it is a shame since they are rather healthy and taste amazing. The basler leckerli are like panforte, and can last years. In fact they get better with age!

cool stuff

we printed up these t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a canvas tote bag and a coffee mug with our mysterious, "eat jam" text for our personal use - mostly for demos we do in supermarkets. we gets lots of comments from people asking where they can buy them so here they are. we even made an "eat bbq" t-shirt. click the link below to go to the store where you can get them at a great price!

(ALERT - the link below is to a separate website than ours - and if you want to order products mentioned like the t-shirt above - do this before or after ordering our jams or bbq sauce since they are completely different checkout systems).

buy welovejam stuff here